Services Delivery Offer (Public Offer)

Information below demonstrates agreement terms between FreeTime Online Store (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") and a buyer ("Buyer") on purchasing products or services via the Company’s website ("Website"). If you do not accept these terms, you won’t be able to purchase our products or services. Thus, carefully learn our terms before making an order:


The Buyer accepts the terms provided by the Agreement of the parties ("Agreement") on everything that deals with products, services and information provided by the Website. The Agreement is a contract between the Company and the Buyer and replaces all previous or any other agreements, contracts or guarantees, as well as specifies with anything dealing with products, services and information provided using the Website. The Buyer agrees to look through and accept the Agreement prior to purchasing any products or services on the Website.

Payment Information

The Buyer understands and guarantees that all information provided by him/her during the registration process is true, full and correct. Products and services payment transferred by the Buyer will be accepted by the Company, and the Buyer shall pay the cost of all the products and services purchased by him/her, as well as the delivery fee in the amount specified at the time of payment, taxes included. The Buyer agrees to take responsibility for all the payments conducted on the Company’s Website or transferred to the Company’s accounts.


The Website content is protected by copyright. Organization, collection, compilation, disk copying, digital reprocessing and other actions connected with using the content, as well as copying, spreading, using and publication of the whole content or its part by the Buyer is illegal.

Editing, Deleting and Modification

The Company reserves its exclusive right to edit, delete or publish any information on the Website, as well as replacing or adding any products and services for sale. The Company may modify the Agreement or prices of products and services notifying the Buyer, whether it’s possible according to the Agreement on providing the Services, and may quit supporting or modify any or all of the Website sections upon its own will and without any prior notification. Modification of the Agreement will come into force from the moment of its publication on the Website and deal with contracts made from the moment of its publication.

Right of Refusal

The Company holds a right to stop, at its own discretion, selling products and providing services, as well as regulate an access to purchasing any goods or services.


The Buyer agrees to refund, protect and support the Company’s position and position of its suppliers, partners and grantors of a license in protecting against any responsibility, costs, claims and expenditures, including reasonable attorney’s fees dealing with breaching the Agreement or inappropriate use of the Website by the Buyer.

Use of Information

The Company holds a right, and the Buyer empowers the Company, to appropriately use all the information provided by the Buyer and dealing with his/her use of the Website, in full compliance with the current law.

Other Terms

The Agreement shall be taken only in the form it is published in FreeTime Online Store. It shall be interpreted and used only in full accordance with the current law of Ukraine. The Buyer’s actions concerning his/her claims shall be taken within one month from his/her purchase conducted on the Website; otherwise, the Buyer shall refuse from his/her claims. The Agreement shall be clear in a way that its meaning is correctly and equally understood by the both sides. If one of the Agreement’s parts is considered incorrect or impossible, this part shall be modified according to the current law in a way that fulfills original intentions and interests of the both sides. All the other parts of the Agreement shall be in force and unchanged. Whenever anything concerning the Company and the Website enters into a conflict or contradiction with the Agreement, the Agreement remains to be preferable. The Company’s failure to provide the Agreement to the Buyer shall not be a reason for failing to provide or exclude this right.


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