No.103-class landing ship SBT

(W.M.C. Models)

The project of the type SB amphibious ships was prepared in late 1943. They had to surpass ships such as SS-1, not fast enough to carry out operations under the domination of the enemy in the air.

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  • Type: landing craft
  • Historical period: World War II, 1943
  • Country: Japan
  • Scale: 1:200
  • Number of sheets: 22 sheets A4

Historical information

The №101-class landing ships were a class of amphibious assault ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), serving during and after World War II.

The №101 class was equipped with diesel engines, while the similar №103-class landing ships were equipped with a turbine engine. The IJN called them 2nd class transporter. The №103 class has the IJA's SB craft variant.


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