SPAD S.A-2 and Dufaux C.2


You can make two fighters together with french camouflage: the SPAD S.A-2 and the Dufaux C.2.

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  • Type: fighters
  • Historical period: World War I, 1915
  • Country: France and Switzerland
  • Scale: 1:33
  • Number of sheets: 12 sheets A4

You can make two fighters together with french camouflage.

Historical information

The SPAD A.2 (also called SA.2, A-2 or A2) was a French tractor biplane of 1915 that saw some service with France and Russia in the early stages of the First World War in the fighter-reconnaissance role.

The SPAD A.2 was an improved version of the A.1 which first flew on 21 May 1915 and later went into production. A total of 99 were produced (42 for France and 57 for Russia). Its flight characteristics were still disappointing, and the aircraft was not well loved by its crews.

Russian models were modified to use skis instead of wheels for winter operations.

Armand Dufaux was a Swiss aviation pioneer who became famous for flying the length of Lake Geneva in 1910.

In the early spring of 1916, Armand Dufaux completed the prototype of an original two-seat fighter biplane in which a 110 hp Le Rhone 9J air-cooled rotary engine was buried in the forward fuselage to drive a two-bladed propeller amidships.


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