Acrylic putty, 16ml

Acrylic putty, 16ml


Acrylic putty is used after gluing model for correction seams and chipping.

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  • Type: acrylic putty
  • Volume: 16 ml

Spackling paste is used right after a model has been glued and if there is a need to eliminate butt joints, shrinkage holes and hacks. In case of incorrect pointing of a model you can spackle old pointing and then apply new pointing.

Before using spackling paste a plastic model's surface has to be degreased. Working with a paper model remember that Ho-Ma acrylic spackling paste is a water material. It can be applied with a match, stick or brush after being diluted. Acrylic spackling paste gets dry rather fast, but its total polymerization needs 24 hours.

Acrylic spackling paste gets sanded and painted with acrylic, alkyd and nitrocellulose paints quite well.


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