Spend you ‘free time’ on your hobby!

FreeTime Online Store was opened in December 2006. Our goal was to revive cardboard modeling in Ukraine. We’ve been actively delivering our products to various world countries since 2010. In 2013 we started to sell not only cardboard, but also plastic and wooden models. Our range of models and accessories to them, modeling tools and materials is permanently growing.

We offer great speed of our services

Most of our products are stored in our personal warehouse, that’s why we can ship your order as soon as next working day once it’s been coordinated with you.

We deliver orders via traditional post. We’ve managed to work out a perfect scheme for the latest eight years of cooperating with the national post. Thus, we guarantee you will get your order.

We work 7 days a week. We never stop processing orders even on day-offs and holidays, though there is still a chance that it can take us a bit more time to answer your messages.

We offer great package quality

We are highly interested in great packaging quality of our products. Every order gets wrapped in water-proof tape and solid cardboard. The very package is not loose, and the products’ ready-for-sale conditions will not change.

This approach allows us to easily ship plastic cabins, adhesives, paints and assembled models to any place on Earth.

We are the guarantee

We guarantee, you will get your order in perfect conditions. If it is delivered damaged, we will definitely exchange it or give your money back.


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